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Published: 25th March 2009
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Naija is the fond way we Nigerians like to refer to our great country.The place is something!Here in Nigeria,anything and I mean whatever you can imagine happens here I tell you and things are so different!

While living in Paris,I hardly saw my neighbours and when I did,we smiled politely or nodded and carried on peacefully.In naija!to start with,everyone knows every other persons names,surnames,brothers and sister,cousins in fact the whole family!your neighbour is almost like family such that when a family member visits,you feel like you have known them all your life because you know most of what there is to know about them.

Also when you meet your neighbour on your way out or in,you exchange pleasantries as if that is the very last time you are going to see him or her that year any greeting short of that is considered being a snob!Be share to look happy and talk with smiles and laughter too.

In naija,kids are raised by the whole community not just a couple.So when a young girl or boy misbehaves outside his or her house,that person is well disciplined before they are reported to their parents.This might be in form of tongue lashing,an hour of advice or if you are not so lucky you get a sermon.If the neighbour is too upset,they actually follow you home just to report to your parents and make sure you get a spanking!

Growing up in naija was pure fun!as kids we could play in the rain for hours without a care in the world.Its possible to have just your immediate family as friends because most families I knew had up to ten or twelve kids at a time so with 5 brothers and 6 sisters who needs friends!

We usually wore hand me down clothes,meaning our parents washed and kept the clothes our older brothers and sisters wore so we could wear them.Our parents rarely shopped for clothes,books,shoes or even toys!We just recycled them within our home!Growing up in naija was something but life as an adult is the real gist but I will save it for another day up naija!

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